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Numerous subplots send the characters off in unlikely directions while the main plot thread is left undeveloped. [8], Don Bluth, who had partnered with Steven Spielberg on both the original film and The Land Before Time (1988), was set to direct and have Sullivan Bluth Studios provide the animation;[9] owing to creative differences, however, they parted ways. "[59] The Radio Times enjoyed the animation the least, "the animation could easily have been done in the 1940s, such is its flat traditionalism. Apart from one computer-generated pick-up shot of the valley's ground, all of the film was hand-drawn animated; and the process was so intensive that it took at least one week to complete a minute of animation, around sixty artists to paint approximately 230,000 cels,[17] and a week for a single animator to finish three seconds of animation. 13 half-hour episodes were produced: season 1 1. It is the sequel to An American Tail, and the last installment in the series to be released theatrically, also the fourth installment in terms of the series' fictional chronology. Notable adult attendees includes Chuck Robb, Lynda Bird Johnson Robb, Al Gore, Marvin Bush, Margaret Bush, Fred Grandy, Elliot Richardson, and Robert Haft. [68] Some critics called the songs weaker and not as memorable as those of the first film,[69][59][63][65][62][56] although the Blues Brothers' version of the song "Rawhide" was spotlighted by some writers[65][68][56] and "The Girl You Left Behind" by a People magazine review. 1 T.R. On September 12, 1992, the TV series Fievel's American Tails premiered on CBS; it is a follow-up of Fievel Goes West and features actors such as Glasser, Cavadini and DeLuise reprising their roles. The film performed modestly at the box office, grossing $22 million domestically. Chula kidnaps Fievel. Fievel is unsure about taking it, but realizes that his journey is not over. Agora.Community is a digital hub whose purpose is to entertain, inspire, educate and provide opportunities to be mentored by industry veterans. Little Mouse on the Prairie 4. While the first film was directed by Don Bluth, direction was handled by Phil Nibbelink and Simon Wells in their directorial debut for the sequel. An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (also known as An American Tail 2) is a 1991 American animated western film produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblimation animation studio and released by Universal Pictures. played Mepps in Fievel and Tiger Rescue Rangers, and Courage & Scooby Rescue Rangers 6 T.R. While the animation medium was transitioning to computers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Spielberg wanted almost all of the animation of Fievel Goes West to be hand-drawn, describing animation as "an arts-and-crafts business". [12] Spielberg met Stewart at a party asking him to voice Wylie Burp, and all of Stewart's lines were recorded in ten days; his last involvement in a Western was in The Shootist (1976).[13]. While walking out of town, Fievel stops to talk with an elderly bloodhound sleeping outside the jail, discovering that he is actually Wylie Burp. A fond memory of a kids movie. [7] Fievel Goes West was its first production, and over 250 crew members from 15 different nations[6] worked on the project starting May 1989. Tanya Mousekewitz voiced by Cathy Cavadini and 2 others . With James Stewart, John Cleese, Amy Irving, Phillip Glasser. He is voiced by Jon Lovitz in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West and Dan Castellaneta in Fievel's American Tails. A sequel to An American Tail (1986), the film follows the story of the Mousekewitzes, a family of Jewish-Ukrainian mice who … [104] Fievel Goes West garnered its first American television airing on April 13, 1997 via a Disney Channel "Tune In to Kids and Family Week" promotion of another TV debut, Pocahontas (1995). I've got seven more, dog chow!". Fievel spends his days thinking about the Wild West dog-sheriff Wylie Burp, while his older sister, Tanya, dreams of becoming a singer. [76] However, the animation wasn't completely devoid of noted perks in reviews. [65][68][60][64][69][63] The Chicago Tribune's Clifford Terry applauded the "vivid and rich" animation, particularly the "colorful figures and detailed backgrounds". This was the same day Walt Disney Pictures' Beauty and the Beast (1991) was distributed, making it the first time in history two animated films were released on one date instead of two separate ones. Fievel, the lovely, lovable little cartoon hero of the hit films An American Tail ® and An American Tail: Fievel Goes West ® rides again in these rip-snortin' animated adventures! [14] As Fievel Goes West was a parody of Western films, the animators heavily studied the works of John Ford and Sergio Leone. "[71] Unlike other critics, Cortney Thekan appreciated the huge amount of subplots: "I mean, we all know the attention span of a 4-year-old. Also, it makes his name sound like "tarantula", which is the kind of spider he actually is. [95], Comedy television series such as 30 Rock,[96] Brooklyn Nine-Nine,[97] and Rick and Morty have referenced Fievel Goes West. Picking up some years after the events of the first film, the Mousekewitz family are disillusioned with living in New York, with … He later stumbles into the saloon where he overhears the cats' plan yet again before he is discovered once more by Cat R. Waul. He tells Miss Kitty to put her on stage. "[10] With no Bluth in sight for the sequel, Spielberg instead relied on ex-Disney animator Phil Nibbelink and ex-Richard Williams storyboard artist Simon Wells, the great-grandson of science-fiction author H. G. Wells, to direct the project. Chula plays Sir Hiss in Fievel Hood 5 T.R. Watch An American Tail Fievel Goes West [1991] Online Full. As the cats complain of how Chula cheated, Cat R. Waul begins to explain his plan and the fact that they will get rid of the mice when the cats' empire at Green River is complete and when they have a better mousetrap so that they might dine on mouseburgers which Chula and the other cats shout with glee. An American Tail: … The Gift 5. It is the 1991 sequel to the 1986 film An American Tail, the second film released in the American Tail series, and the fourth installment in terms of the series' fictional chronology. Fievel Goes West was the first production for the short-lived Amblimation, a studio Spielberg set up to keep the animators of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) working. His first name is T.R., though it isn't often used. Spider-Man The Deluxe Collectors Pack 4-Disc DVD & CD Soundtrack. [35] Another official of the company explained that he had little faith in the project, describing it as "charmless" and its animation "pedestrian". The Legend of Mouse Hollow 7. Chula to give him "The Flying Ahhh!" Some film journalists and executives attributed this to having to compete with the Disney film. [103] The release was pulled from the shelves in January 1993. However, Fievel who heard everything that the cats said accidentally loses grip on the falling false cowboy, which Cat R. Waul accidentally eats. An American Tail: Fievel Goes West - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. [118] Unlike the previous home media releases, the film has a sequence edited, like the infamous hidden penis doodle that was briefly seen during Tanya's version of "Dreams to Dream" was removed, thanks to the controversy. [25] Along with competing with an unusual number of family films with middling budgets such as The Addams Family, Curly Sue , My Girl, and Spielberg's Hook;[26][27][28] both Beauty and the Beast and Fievel Goes West were promoted with, as of the films' release date, the most expensive set of film tie-ins ever. An American Tail: Fievel Goes West holds a 54% critical percentage on Rotten Tomatoes based on 13 reviews. His trading card suggests it stands for "Terribly Rude". There's lot's of old women who'd want to marry me! In addition to garnering more home media releases, TV airings, and video game adaptations later on, the film has made numerous 2010s retrospective best-of lists from online publications, especially best Netflix-available Western films. [imitates Cat R. Waul] I'm a good looking spider, no? [94] On April 28, 2018, Fievel Goes West was screened at the Autry Museum of the American West, a Los Angeles museum of the history of the American West. T.R. In the show he is played by Dan Castellaneta, who uses his Krusty the Clown voice from. It is the only such playground at any of NBC Universal's theme parks. This is one of very few sequels that really deserve the title of the original classics. He cheats because he has eight sets of aces. "[11] Cleese was paid his lowest fee in ten years for the role, however, which made him very unwilling to publicize his involvement with Fievel Goes West. The first sequel to Don Bluth’s beloved-if-somewhat-disturbing An American Tail is an underrated gem of a story that follows Russian immigrant mouse Fievel Mouskewitz and his family as they immigrate to the wild West to make a better life than the one they have in New York City. This strategy was also used for We're Back! Fievel accidentally reveals himself and, after Cat R. Waul abandons him to find the source of the singing he heard, Chula captures Fievel in a glass bottle and goes to cook Fievel alive. Chichester with art by George Wildman.[123]. [35] Steven Hulett of the union Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists opined that the low performances of both Fievel Goes West and We're Back! When Chula threatens to kill Miss Kitty in an attempt to force Fievel to back down, however, an incensed Tiger rescues her and uses Chula's web as a lasso with him trapped on it to hurtle Cat R. Waul and his men out of town by having them piled on part of the trap, which the heroes use as a catapult.

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